Life in a pixel

The world is full of magical things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper.

– W. B Yeats –

What inspired the name life in a pixel?

As an artist I have found myself taking inspiration not from people or what they have to say, rather inspiration comes from the most basic objects that are literally right in front of me. This is where life in a pixel originated from – boredom, photoshop and zooming into an image till you couldn’t zoom in anymore. The interesting part is when I started to compare these pixels on my screen to life itself, concluding that we are nothing but pixels that are part of a bigger picture and that entire picture is a small pixel that is part of another bigger picture.

This lead to a conversation with myself contemplating what life is made up of, why we perceive certain colours and objects the way we do and how we are just a minuscule particle of dust floating around in this universe.

What really got me thinking was how a camera can capture a moment and freeze it forever. The one thing that most people don’t know is that a camera essentially captures nothing but light rays bouncing off in many different directions. What the lens does is simply directs it to one point on the sensor that creates a sharp image.

When you add light to a subject some areas are bright and some dark but how does a camera know that? Believe it or not but when light hits the pixel on the sensor it converts the energy and a computer built inside of the camera reads just how much energy is being produced! Wow I thought to myself, I would have never imagined soo many operations in the background of pressing a simple button.

This is when I realised that every photo is a team effort and I am a pixel. You are a pixel and together we could create a picture worth a thousand words.

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